Natural Insect Control

Natural Insect Control

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The Natural and Effective way to keep insects from ruining your outdoor time. 

Did you ever see the finish on your fly line melt when you had applied various kinds of insect repellent? How about trans dermal transfer of powerful and harmful chemicals into your blood stream?

Why put up with those and other problems with the current products you use? Hard Core Bug Off isn't as good on mosquitoes as the others. But on black flies and mingies, it's very effective. Effective enough that we've had offers to buy out this brand from us!

The key is that it was developed with 100% active ingredients, as the base is soybean oil. Added to that are other proven and all-natural repellents. You can apply directly to your skin. A drop or so goes a long way. Don't use too much. Because of the oil base, using on clothing may cause staining but should wash out.

Old timers will apply this product to one of those large red printed handkerchiefs and wear that around their necks. Good luck and we'll see you out there.

Did we mention it's safe on skin?

All Natural formula works great and protects your skin from harsh and dangerous synthetics and chemicals. Great for sportsmen, great for children. Field tested in the wilds of New England--where outdoor pests are as annoying as anywhere on earth!


Soybean Oil (97.5%), a documented deterrent to insects, essential oils of catnip (1%), lemongrass (.5%), cedarleaf (.5%), and wintergreen (.5%)