Hard Core Paw Care
Hard Core Paw Care
Hard Core Paw Care

Hard Core Paw Care

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Our hard core formula for your pet!

For years we've been using our salve made for humans on our pet's cuts, rashes and dry paws so we decided to create a more functional product specifically for them. Introducing Hard Core Paw Care, the same successful ingredient base as our human salve with minor tweaks to the formula and packaging. With this easy to use push up tube, you can apply the product effortlessly anywhere on your pet. Access the tough to reach areas in between paw pads without ever having to touch the salve itself, just unscrew the cap and push up from the bottom of the tube!  

When to use:

You can use this pet friendly salve anytime! Here are some situations where they're used in our house: after a long walk on ice or snow, after hikes or long walks on pavement, on any cuts or abrasions and on any area of dry skin. 

Fragrance Free:

Our salves for humans contain natural essential oils to give them a light fragrance, but we left the essential oils out of this salve because we all know how much our furry friends like to lick things. 


Beeswax, Olive Oil, Lanolin.

1oz/28.3g Salve

*The smell of this salve comes from one of our base ingredients - lanolin. It basically smells like nothing, but we thought you should know.